The "Grand Empress of SciFi" - Amanda Tapping

"I would hope that I’d be remembered for being kind. For being a good daughter and a good wife and most importantly a good friend. I’d like it to be remembered that I loved passionately and that I loved a lot and that I cared."

Amanda Tapping, 1998

Both the fans worldwide and her colleagues speak of Amanda Tapping in the highest tones. She appeals to people with her special attributes: kindness, grace, caring, humility, down-to-earthness, the ability to listen, entertaining and humor. Whenever you have a chance to talk to Amanda, sooner or later she always emphasizes how important it is for her display  kindness, respect and the encouragement of others. And that she's trying to improve her little corner of the world, as she feels she has a moral obligation as a "privileged person." More recently, she has also spoken openly and honestly about her lack of self-respect and self-worth, which she has struggled about for years.

Amanda Tapping isn't just an actress and director, an activist, and a woman!
She is a role model - and inspiring both professionally and privately!

Attention, this concerns all Conventions! All statements without guarantee! Appearance by Amanda can be canceled at short notice in the case of filming commitments!

Testimonials from colleagues

"I'm so grateful to know you and to call you my friend. You are in a class of your own and truly are one of the greats. A brilliant actress, an unassuming TALENTED artist. A leading lady who inspires everyone around her and who is so passionate about the sisterhood and supporting her colleagues and people. You are quite simply the real deal. One star!!"

Suanne Braun
Suanne Braun
Actress (Hathor, SG 1)

"...I don't have any particular stories. She's just always...she has this ability to deal with people...she's just amazing! She has a strength and a personable quality that comes with that kind of light. I can't get over her and so happy to see her direct. I think we need more women like Amanda directing. Because they understand, they've been there, because they know more than anyone else!"

David Hewlett
David Hewlett
Actor (Dr. Rodney McKay, SG Atlantis)

"I'm a fan of Amanda Tapping. In fact, I'm a HUGE fan of Amanda Tapping. And I'm not the only one. No, I'm not talking about all those Samantha Carter followers out there. I'm talking about pretty much everyone who's had the pleasure of working with Amanda over the years. She is immensely talented, always professional and just plain adorable.”

Joseph Mallozzi
Joseph Mallozzi
Writer, (Stargate)

"Amanda is so supportive and so warm. She is such a positive influence on the set. She knows everyone's name. Always prepared. Always supportive. Always helping. Always giving... She's a great actress and a great person."

Carmen Argenziano
Carmen Argenziano
Actor (General Jacob Carter, SG1)

Amanda, thank God you were on that show! You are one of the brightes women I've ever met. Astoundingly smart and savvy and ... uh ... pretty...

Richard Dean Anderson
Richard Dean Anderson
Actor(Jack O'Neill, SG1 / McGyver)

"Amanda; the myth created for Doris Day is Amanda. She's warm, the camera loves her, and she can take a scene that really should never be released and make it sound like a diamond!"

Don S. Davis
Don S. Davis
Actor (General George Hammond, SG 1)

"Amanda is a really great actress and she brings that to every scene she's in!"

Brad Wright
Brad Wright
Writer, Producer (Stargate)
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